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Product Specifications

At EGMO, we match the correct fitting or product to the
desired application. Prior to your order, all documents
and details regarding the suggested product are available,
including drawings, measurements and other product specifications.

Tailored Solutions

EGMO's professionals will be happy to demonstrate their expertise
in the development of customized stainless steel products.
We are capable of mass producing tailored stainless steel solutions
according to client specifications.
In addition, EGMO offers full technical and engineering support,
in order to optimize the design and enhance overall efficiency.
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Material Certification and Quality

All individual components are closely monitored and documented,
these details are filed and stored for future enquiries.
The details include the materials used, surface finish, manufacturing
date and other technical details, in order to ensure complete
product traceability.

Should a flaw be discovered at any point in the future–similar products manufactured at the same time can easily be traced and recovered.

ON-LINE MTR service

A Material Test Report (MTR) is a quality assurance document in the steelmaking industry that certifies a material's compliance with:
  • Appropriate ASTM standards
  • Applicable dimensions
  • Physical and chemical specifications

Material traceability provides "proof positive" verification to not only the customer and their contractor, but to all of the governing bodies and inspection agencies that must verify that the project meets government safety requirements.
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Seminars and Conferences

EGMO offers seminars especially designated for clients and managers, to instruct and educate on the latest international standards updates and safe usage of our products, as well as to showcase new ones. This way, clients can keep in touch while enjoying the benefit of keeping ahead

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In addition to our seminars, EGMO regularly takes part in international industrial conferences.

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Customer Service

EGMO's experienced and qualified staff strongly believes in providing
a fast and thorough response, both for new and existing clients,
suppliers and business partners. Our customer service representatives,
working from service centers located around the Globe can be
contacted at any time.
Our representatives are ready to assist with any and all enquiries.

Group – WIDE Knowledge Expertise

The options are endless when you're a part of something big.
EGMO, part of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, enjoys an impeccable
reputation and financial strength.
Our worldwide network of representatives and distributors allows us
to offer a quick and efficient service, at any place and at any time.

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