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MaxPure / Pharmaceutical

The MaxPure stainless steel product line is designed to meet the Pharmaceutical Industry’s production specifications. With our guaranteed Ra, high quality and detailed manufacturing methods, MaxPure is your ideal stainless steel partner.

MaxPure for the Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the main challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical Industry is keeping ahead in an ever-shifting market. Manufacturing regulations vary from continent to continent, and from country to country. As a result, generic and non-generic drugs are subjected to rigorous inspection from different authorities such as the FDA, NICE, ICH, EMEA, etc.
EGMO ensures your products to be approved with our MaxPure stainless steel fittings line, consisting of high quality components which ensure a faster, safer, reliable and cleaner manufacturing process throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Guaranteed Cleanability

EGMO’s stainless steel products undergo automatic polishing process and are free from contaminants thanks to EGMO's unique cleaning processes. These ensure our renowned high quality finish to guarantee maximum cleanability, without the risk of imperfection or flaws.

Nothing is Left Behind

Each and every fitting leaving the EGMO plant undergoes meticulous, detailed inspection in order to ensure it is of the utmost quality and fully adheres to the ASME-BPE  standard.

If necessary, all stainless steel fittings can be tracked and their individual details (the Material Test Report) can be generated online, free of charge, for closer inspection and monitoring purposes.



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