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SciMax / Semiconductor

SCiMax Flow Equipment is specifically designed to meet the stringent standards and requirements of the Semiconductor industry.
Our polishing technology, guaranteed Ra, multi-step cleaning system and proven production methods ensure the finest quality products in the market.
Our policy meets our client's high requirements for safety, suitability, repeatability and high performance equipment.

Advanced Polishing Technology

With unique polishing and measuring techniques, our quality is guaranteed in hard to reach areas.

Maximum cleanability

Our multi-step cleaning cycle includes degreasing, pickling and electro-polishing, using ultra high purity DI water and Nitrogen purging in a clean room environment with minimal human intervention. This ensures that all of our products do not emit particles and are cleaned with a perfect passivation layer.

Maximum Reliability

The SciMax stainless steel fittings line is the superior choice thanks to our
automatic polishing process, advanced welding techniques and cleaning applications. Our products are manufactured by a team of highly skilled employees using state-of-the-art production processes and measuring tools.
EGMO's Q.A. department ensures implementation of advanced methods to
keep production within the desired control limits and to guarantee production repeatability.

Full Traceability

Each step of our production process is documented and recorded starting from raw materials acceptance through finished goods.
EGMO provides real time MTR’s (Material Test Reports) through a wide range of tools such as our web site, QR Code and online support, thus allowing our clients full control at all times.

Internal Welding

Unique orbital welding technology allows us to fabricate complex systems in a short time and for a low cost.

Maximum Availability

Our state of the art production and manufacturing facility as well as our inventory and logistics centers across Europe, the US and Asia enables EGMO to supply all of our semiconductor customers around the globe.



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