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Electro polishing creates near perfect surface, both in terms of corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning, which is why it is often widely used on critical components that are in direct contact with the process fluids, used in the Biopharmaceutical and Semiconductor industries.

Electro polished fittings and tubes guarantee maximum cleanability with a minimal risk of microbial growth.


Naturally the electro-polishing surface finish is more expensive then the mechanical finish due to the complex process, but a shutdown caused by bacterias growth can easily cost a great deal more.

Systems with Electro-polishing finish reduce dramatically the number of SIP (Sterilization In Place) cycles.



MaxPure EP (electro-polishing) is EGMO’s line of stainless steel fittings that meet - and exceeds the highly specialized surface finish requirements of the Biopharmaceutical industry as detailed in the ASME BPE guidelines.

The uncompromising high quality of EGMO’s MaxPure EP products is a result of decades of experience and accumulated know-how in the electro-polishing process.


With MaxPure EP You Get….

·         Lower risk of bacterial growth

·         Maximum corrosion resistance – more than a pickled surface

·         Life cycle cost reduction



Read more about the electro-polishing process and MaxPure EP>>



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